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Thread: rutting activity scotland

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    rutting activity scotland

    anybody heard any roaring or whistles from red or sika yet? It would be good if you could put on when and were you hear rut starting for people who have little time to get up to scotland it would be usefull to lots of stalkers

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    just came bk from inverness and sika where starting to get in the swing of things there mate

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    Sika Whistleing on JAYB's ground on Friday, no reds heard though.
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    going in search this friday, will give it a shot and see if i can get one.


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    Shot a stag in Ayrshire yesterday which had been wallowing and was with hinds.

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    heard first roar on mull yesterday and seen 1 rutting stag and heard another roar tonight near oban

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    Park stag down here on a line between Bristol and London has started to cough.
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    One of my syndicate reports hearing the odd roar last friday in Lochaber.

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    Heard 2 stags roaring a week past Saturday in Stirlingshire.

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    Where about in ayrshire?

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