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Thread: Change bullet type, to what?

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    Change bullet type, to what?

    I have been reloading nosler ballistic tips, 150 grains. I have a really good round there as i have full confidence in them hitting where i aim. Unfortunately, i have been told it would be preferred if i did not use them due to excessive meat damage. Can anyone suggest a similar bullet in shape, that does not have so called, explosive tendencies. I cannot speak from experience as i have not shot a deer with them yet. Are they really that bad? Or does their fearsome reputation precede them. I have read the previous threads on ballistic tips and do not wish to cover old ground, but with some people swearing by them and others preferring not to use them, it is confusing, to say the least! Regards, Ed.

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    If you are being told catagorically that you can't use them then I suppose that is the end of the matter. Try a Sierra Gameking. If you are lucky you might be able to work up a load that shoots to the same point of aim

    If it is just some friendly advice then I would say try them for yourself and form your own opinion.

    Don't forget that a humane kill is more important than worrying about carcass damage.

    I have shot quite a few deer of all shapes and sizes, with many calibres and many bullets and, to be honest, it doesn't make a lot of difference what bullet you use as long as it is heavy enough. Some people will disagree but I can only give you my own experience.

    Best wishes,

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    Eddie, try to work up a few alternate loads anyway, you may find you can't get your rifles favourite diet someday.
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    Eddie, as has been said, it all depends on what you have been told you can use? If your host is dead set against any plastic pointed bullets, you will have to try one of the many alternatives, Nosler Partition, Swift A-frame (expensive but good) etc.etc. If you can use plastic tipped but not Ballistic Tips try Hornady SST's, I like them and find they work well.

    I particularly like the Swift A-Frames as they do not have an exposed lead tip, which means it can't get damaged when loading, reloading or being carried about while stalking.

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    I also have faith in both the Interlocks and Game Kings - you'll have to try them in your own set up to be sure

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