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Thread: Safe shot

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    Safe shot

    If you were shooting and a deer presented its self how much of a back drop would it need! to have before you took the shot. I have a deer in my sights last night and while the deer had a back drop to its chest its head was in day light and the houses behind put me off taking the shot.

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    Thumbs down not for me

    Quote Originally Posted by 6pointer View Post
    If you were shooting and a deer presented its self how much of a back drop would it need! to have before you took the shot. I have a deer in my sights last night and while the deer had a back drop to its chest its head was in day light and the houses behind put me off taking the shot.
    got to be honest that's not a shot i would have taken either, to be honest if there was houses behind any deer with any size of back stop i would really think twice about a shot.
    i shot a target 6 weeks ago with a fellow site member down into a gully at 20 metres above the target 100yards away from it and the round travelled 12 feet along the ground behind the said target.

    not assuming you would shoot in the direction of any house mate but for me never, the rounds too unpredictable and thats my take.
    as usual as i put my head up i will receive shortly a kick or two but so be it .


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    The words, light behind its head, houses in the background, clearly had some doubts yourself I think thats 3 very good reasons to suggest that it was not safe... and your decision was spot on...

    I would suggest that its a hard one to give an accurate definition too, all that is for sure is that it should be safe without doubt, if you are deemed suitable to be out alone then this would suggest you know when you should have doubts...


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    Sounds like you did the right thing 6P. As a novice I am cautious with backstops. I'm mindful that bullets can deflect inside a beast. Depending on the angles it could've deflected towards the houses.

    I'm interested to see if others have got any tips or experience, but I guess the answer has to be that if there's a shred of doubt about whether its safe, don't do it.



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    Correct call 6 pointer,

    I fully endorse Frank's and Al's comments.

    The 3 most important things are.......... safety, safety, safety.

    My advice is that the entire animal (plus a good margin of error) needs to have a good backstop.

    I had a similar one last night. Cull spiker in the sights @ 140 mtrs but he just wouldn't drop below the top of the ridge enough to be 110% sure. 30mtrs to the left would have been o/k with plenty of safe backstop. You can always go back and cull him later, make 1 mistake and you can never go back to get either him or any animal for that matter.

    The pure and simple truth is rarely pure and never simple

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    I would like to see at least three times the beasts height in turf behind, & maybe then not take the shot with habitation in the mix. a hard call to make when not there in person.
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    I had an instance when shooting on a slight downward plane the bullet entered the deer in the lower chest and exited on the same side next to the spine! On investigation the only thing I could come up with was the bullet must have hit a twig immediately before the deer causing it to tumble and deflect upwards. The inside of the deer was a complete mess.

    Always make sure there is a full backstop as you can never be 100% sure of were the bullet will end up.


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    If ever you have to ask then the shot is not one to take - right decision.

    Paul Hill
    Gloucestershire Rifle Range.

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    Its a hard call and in my opinion not one that should be called by a novice or a man who will benifit fancially from a downed beast or for that matter a man who is being presurised into culling animals buy an employer. I need to make this call most time i go out and it has become very easy as there are a few deer about and no need to push for any result .Alot of people think i am diaft for doing urban deer management.But for me its all i new and i grew up with it. But finbears 3x a beast would be about what i am looking for and a good angle for the bullet to drop in to not skid on.

    Hope you can see the deer a shot i declined i find this type of deer stalking quite exciting

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    I dont know if you are taking the mickey or not yet!

    A previous post that you put up.

    You state here that the buck is a good and SAFE shot. Who could be walking in the trees behind? Under no circumstances should foliage be used as a backstop, so you have got me wondering if you are a wind up merchant.

    A bullet can travel in any direction once it has hit a deer, so careful thought should be given prior to the trigger being pulled. I once shot a deer with a concrete blast wall behind it on an airfield. The deer was 220 yds away and the wall was another 20 yds behind it. The line of sight should have seen the bullet hit the wall about 3 feet high . The bullet actually struck the wall at about 8 feet high. I think the bullet would have carried on another 300 yds anyway.

    Food for thought.

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