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Thread: Styer pro-mountain Mark 2, owners what do you think of them

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    Styer pro-mountain Mark 2, owners what do you think of them

    Hi Guys for those of you who have owned or own, a Styer pro-mountain Mark 2, what do you think of them.
    I have read some comments complaining about flexing in the plastic stock ?

    Regards ian

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    I like mine
    A tough rifle, nice trigger, smooth bolt and great safety system. The stock is grippy in the wet !
    Yes you can flex the stock if you squeeze it against the barrel, but I don't find any issues under normal use

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    I love mine never had any problems.

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    I handled one (.25-06) at a gun show near Nashville in '99 and was immediately impressed. I bought a Pro-Hunter in 260 Rem and have only recently parted with it. Out of the box it worked very well and I shot a good number of roe and red with it. My only gripe with it is that I couldn't find a better stock for it and they aren't cheap to rebarrel. So ultimately I sold it and got the 260 Rem in my gallery from Russell Gall. The new rifle shoots better, but I couldn't fault the Pro-Hunter for accuracy when shooting roe deer. I also shot the Pro-Hunter at 400yds at Blair Atholl on the electronic targets and was most impressed. A significant plus is the long magazine which meant I had no OAL issues with the heavier bullets I loaded in the 260 Rem.


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    my first centrefire was a prohunter.
    it was very acurate as are most mass produced rifles.
    i did not keep the rifle long as i did not like the stock ,too flexible! or the plastic safety.
    or the recoil pad which is hard plastic.
    and i found the action very stiff .
    i think there are a lot better rifle makes for the same money!

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    styer are making rifles a long time now , you would think they would have it right by now.

    i have had 3 over the years ,i would not have another

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    The mk1 was the one with the excessively flexible forestock. We sat one out in the sun and litterally watched the stock bend as it heated up. Mk2 is alot better.

    A mk1 can easily be remedied by shaving a few mil out of the barrel channel on the forestock and laying a couple of layers of fibreglass cloth, better still kevlar. I did it for the rifle described above in an afternoon.

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    I'm not sure if I ever saw the MK1, but the ones I saw at the IWA this year where bad.
    With a little 2 finger push the forend flexed about 1/2 inch sideways!!!
    The steyr developement engineer I spoke to, admitted it wasn't great.
    We might look at making a stock for the pro-hunter in the future as the
    rifle itself is quite good.

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    I had a timber stocked Steyr in 222rem. It came from the factory aluminium piller bedded with a forend pressure point, it was NOT free floated. It was the most consistently accurate factory rifle I ever shot, though my new 22/250 looks to be as good.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    i had a pro hunter mark 1 in 270 ... lovely looking green stock on it , the bakealite was to brittle i cracked at the mag housing and pulled the sling stud out ..

    if you put any pressure on the stock when shooting the shot would go high and right .

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