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Thread: Leupold to Tikka 3 mounts

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    Leupold to Tikka 3 mounts

    Can anyone recommend some mounts that fit a Leupold VX-II 3-9x50mm to a Tikka T3? Had a look on their website and the STD ones appear the way forward, anyone had any experience with them, or can suggest anything better?



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    Personally I would opt for Optilocks. I have a set on my Tikka and also a set on my Sako. These mounts are made by Sako/Tikka and work well on these rifles. No doubt others will suggest other makes but I have been perfectly happy using Optilocks.
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    +1 for optilocks
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    +2 for optilocks great rings and bases

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    +3 for optilocs, made by the job for the job, 17mm bases/rings other than optilocs are a bit few and far between, I did see some on sale on a yank site but they did look a bit cat, would have looked more suited on an air rifle

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    Leupold make rings and bases to fit a Tikka T3 they are alot cheaper than the Sako optilocs and my gun dealer sujested i should go for the Leupolds, so on his advice i did, I now have a set of bases and two sets of rings sitting in a box Sako optiloc now on both my tikkas.
    Optilocs are the best and certainly worth the money

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    nice one roebuck, I'll store that info away for a later date, cheers bud...callie

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