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    Stumbled on the site whilst wandering the web.

    I keep being reminded when I log on to do a brief intro. Here it is . Hope I don't bore you.

    Currently based in the Middle East so have had to reduce my hunting for a while. Keen as mustard to get out when I get back to England though. Not long before I got out here I got a variation for an 8 x 57 and am now the proud owner of a 1930's Merkel sxs as I have some permission in Devon and am keen to connect with a piggie or two (mind you just one would be great!) . I get back home often though not as often as I would like. Prior to that a .243 Steyr Prohunter was my only rifle (Which I still have on ticket for deer 'n old charlie at home in Worcs), Works great especially with 70g Speer TNT home loads.(+ Wildcat Moddie - the best in my opinion, light- weight, effective and can be stripped and cleaned easily) However I do struggle to get a good group with 100 grain ammo, tried a number of FL's. Maybe it's the "nut behind the wheel". Would be interested if any other members have any experience of this in .243.

    Love the site, keeps me in touch (sane?)


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    Hi Ade

    Welcome to the site, I'm from Herefordshire (just) live in the shadow of the Malvern hills a bit greener than where you are at the moment


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    Welcome aboard Ade.

    there are a few on here from the west mercia area and we have a get together every now and then.

    let us know when your back and we can have a get together.


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    Cool Thanks for the welcome

    Thanks Jonathan . i'll drop you a pm next time I am back

    Cheers also Wayne. I tried to post a reply but not sure if it worked


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    Hello Ade 8mm,
    It's Ade 30-06 here, good job we have different surnames eh!!! I have a Tikka T3 in .243, I think the problem is (correct me if i am wrong, and i'm sure somebody will) that it mostly comes down in this case to the 'twist'. You will always find that different calibres will work best with a specific range of bullet/projectile weights (and even shapes and brands) depending on what level of twist is supplied in that particular tube. There will always be a compromise with an 'off the shelf ' rifle unless you get it re-barrelled for a specific grain/weight/brand (in this case 90 and above)that you intend to use. Manufacturers will set a compromise/best average for that calibre and type of rifle that you are using based on what it is likely to be used for, if that does not shoot well in your rifle now the chances are you will be unlikely to match the accuracy of the lighter loads. My standard T3 for example shoots .5 to .6 with 70-80 grain factory standard ammo like Hornady and Federal. But when i go up to 100gn for stalking, that can open up to an inch because the projectile is longer and heavier and does not 'stabilise' so well with the twist in that tube.
    You do not say what groups you are getting from the lighter or heavier loads respectively ? Bear in mind that when stalking you will have a much larger 'target area' and therefore those heavier loads are not so critical in being absolutely pin point at normal stalking ranges. However if you play around with certain brands and even types of ammo within those brands you could find something that works well enough for you. When foxing I use Federal's 80gn but the 100gn shoot like pigs in comparison, so I use cheap and cheerful Winchester 100gn for stalking and they work really well. Anything under 200 yards is toast, and they give me the confidence take the shot, with a 1" high zero at 125 yards it's just point and press. Hope that helps a little Ade.


    Ade 30-06

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