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Thread: Barrel smoke

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    Barrel smoke

    Hi all,
    I have recently bought my first rifle, a Tikka T3 lite, which I am very pleased with. I was out checking the zero the other day and there was a lot of smoke from the barrel when I let off the first round. I initially thought this was oil in the barrel or sound mod and that it would eventually burn off, but after the 9th round it was still smoking!! Is it the type of ammo Iím using?? (Prvi Partian 100grain .243) I have read on other threads that oil or wd40 in the mod will make it smoke, can a T8 mod be stripped and cleaned of any excess oil that might be the cause?
    Any advice or suggestions would be great

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    A silly question, but did you clean all preserving oil and grease from bore and chamber before using? if you think it may be the mod you could clean it out with petrol but make sure that that it has all evaporated and blown clear before using, not sure if t8 can be stripped, use a dm80 myself and that can be stripped...ATB callie

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    Don't worry about it. It sounds like you're adding to much oil to the moderator. Remove the mod from the barrel after the shoot and store separately from the gun to cool. Spray the lightest of squirts of oil in through the moderator if you must and don't re-attach to the gun until shooting again.

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    If its just the barrel smoking wipe several patches through soaked in meths, works a treat and does not effect zero , so no " fouling shot " before stalking nonsense needed, always works for me.

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    Take the moderator off and fire a round through it, see if you still get the smoke......Excessive WD40 or any oil will cause smoke, might also cause excessive pressure in the moderator and cause it to go "POP".

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    Smoke will probably be from the mod when it has been sprayed no harm whatsoever, better to have that than not protect the internals and body of your moderator. We have tried on the target with spraying and without and have not seen any difference in accuracy or grouping.


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    Thanks to everyone for all the advice and tips. I'll try out some of the suggestions made and report back.

    Thanks again to all

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    Is it the saem afetr each shot or just the first? Are you sure its not just the smoke from the ammo? I havent used the Privis but could just be smoky ammo? I know when I firdst got the 22.250 I couldnt believe how much smoke came out after each shot. Now reloading with smokeless powder.

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    Initially it was after every shot and did suspect the ammo. So i took off the mod to see if it still smoked and it was fine. Put another couple throught the mod and it eventually cleared. Reckon it must have been too much oil in the mod!


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