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Thread: The Ashes match at Bisley. BSRC.

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    The Ashes match at Bisley. BSRC.

    I attended this match at the weekend as a guest of the British Sporting Rifle Club and would like to say a big thank you to Maverick and his friends there.
    The shooting involved free standing target shooting from various ranges and with various timings using your trusty big game gun. WOW! I shot more rounds from my .416 Rem Mag than in the rest of the year put together. Thank god for my cissy pad. My shoulder still aches from the recoil (80gr powder behind a 400 gr pill) but my word it was fun.
    Typically the Aussies trounced us - my excuse is insufficient practice for lack of available ranges. The Aussies are banging away every week (that doesn't read well!).
    One other thing; the barbeque at lunchtime was a venison delight - my compliments to the chef.
    Thank you all at the BSRC for a great day out.

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    Glad you enjoyed the BSRC experience & I will pass on your compliments next time I see the chef.
    Trouble is I too now have the need for a large caliber rifle as I found both the 9.3x74R & 450x 3 1/4 BPE addictive!
    Keep practising & maybe we'll do better next year. Hope you make a note of the date, but if not I'll remind you next time I see you.

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    The .416 could be yours as well as the Tikka!!!

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