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Thread: Hind Posture

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    Hind Posture


    This evening i was watching a hind in low light about 50/60 yards from me.

    She looked fairly heathy but I was drawn to her posture which to me seemed a little odd.

    Her rear was lower and not as I would expect a Hind to be. Normally there posture is very upright with a level back. But hers was much lower than her shoulders and her rear legs were very bent. She did not graze fast but slow along with her movements, so I was unable to detect if she was limping or dragging to any extent.

    I considered the situation and thought I would wait until I see her again in better light to establish whether a humane cull is required.

    She was alone and fairly comfortable. Her rear was very dark but could not really see of she had the squits or not.

    Certainly the most noticeable thing was her bent rear legs almost in a Z like posture.

    Any advice or observations appreciated.


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    She wasn't pee'ing?

    What was her overall condition like?

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    No peeing. She looked ok considering her posture. Still in summer coat.

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    I am no authority but I have been fortunate enough to spend a great deal of time with some reds over the last couple of years. In my limited experience they are a healthy athletic animal that very quickly shows signs of physical impairment in posture and or gait. Obviously I would recommend keeping an eye on it, but if you are not in a position to do so, culling it and avoid it getting in calf seems entirely reasonable.

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    Over- zealous rutting. ...... fluke or heavy worm burden..... sciatica???

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    Hi All

    Thanks for the replies.

    I am thinking perhaps an old Hind, being alone and with a slopped back. I am giving her the benefit of my doubt and will get out to see her most evenings this week and Sat AM. I am sure that light will allow me to make a clearer assessment prior to making any irreversible decisions.


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