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Thread: deer barrell lenght

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    deer barrell lenght

    what is the required leagal barrel length limit for deer shooting i have a 16.1/2'' and i keep getting people telling me its not leagal my fac officer thinks different the rifle knocks them flat and accepts most grains throu it ?? noel
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    In very simple terms to be regarded as a rifle in this country the firearm must have a barrel at least 30cm long (12") and an overall length of 60cm (24").
    The main concern is are you achieving the desired muzzle energy for that part of the country in which you shoot and for the species of deer being shot. Probably what people are concerned about is .243w calibre rifles. Depending on ammunition this calibre on occasions may only just meet the required muzzle energy for larger species of deer in England and Wales. If the barrel is shortened then you may not reach the required 1700ft/lb of muzzle energy.

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    If you are shooting 100grain bullets you need minimum 2767 feet per second at the muzzle to create the required energy. I am near you in Guildford, so p.m me if you want to use my chronograph to check this, it is simple

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    Anyone know if the woodland stalker rifle by RPA (short barrel) .243 is ok for stalking throughout England, Scotland and Wales in ballistic terms

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    I have a Thompson Contender 14 inch barrel in 6.5JDJ (wildcat) and had no problems with my FAC dept.

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    As long as the barrel is over 12" long (Firearms Act) and you can achive the required muzzle energy (Deer Acts) and velocity (Scotland) then it's O.K.

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