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Thread: BASC Arran Scheme - Who is going 1st Week of the Stags?

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    BASC Arran Scheme - Who is going 1st Week of the Stags?

    As the title says;

    I would just like to know who is going next week so I can put a face to the userid.


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    Im going on the first week. We are driveing up from Essex on sunday.


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    Im going up too, setting off on Sunday from North Yorkshire.. I only booked onto it yesterday and think theres still places available.. Im coming with another guy (non SD) from North Yorks..

    Will there be time for a swift beer or 2 on Sunday night? PM me for mobile number.

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    Dan, Flyfisherman,

    I will be getting last ferry across Sunday. I am staying at the Auchrannie hotel, so can set the bar up near 8 pm.

    Burgundy 110 Double Cab, beige canopy...


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    Wow thats a long way in the defender! Im impressed.. Were staying over at Blackwaterfoot but will try to persuade my driver to come across for a beer.. Were getting 2nd to last ferry (1515 i think) on Sunday.


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    I did it once in a Defender Hi-cap truck cab, Twice in a Defender V8 county, once in a Disco V8, & three times as a passenger in a L200, it's always worth it no matter how you get there!................. P.S. fuel up on the mainland before you get the ferry, it's a little dearer on the island, & you can rack up quite a few miles on Arran.
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    How did you get on finnbear? Im itching to go, really hope to stalk my first red.. Hopefully get a shot at one too..

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