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    hi I'm Claire and I'm from Dorset

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    Short and to the point,

    Welcome to the SD, hopefully you'll enjoy it. Lots of good info on here, don't be shy to ask.

    You'll get out what you put into it. There are a good few members from around your way on here.

    Position and hold must be firm enough to support the firearm
    The firearm must point naturally at the target without any undue physical effort
    Sight alignment (aiming) must be correct
    The shot must be released and followed through without disturbing the position

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    Very short intro, could you expand a little please. Can I point you to the intro guidelines, thank you.

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    LOL ok I don't shoot but I like and do Taxidermy do I still qualify?

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    Claire.....YES ! you will still qualify.......Any discounts for Stalking Directory members by the way ? and no I'm not

    I only asked ! If you don't ask you don't get !

    10 a month to advertise though......still cheap as chips girl !

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    Yay but I didn't say much on me so when asked for more info I now feel I am deemed a scheming advertiser kinda ''damned if I do, damned if I don't'' nevs mind I'll talk about horses I know lots about horses

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    Where are my manners, thankyou for the welcome by the way

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    Would you happen to be the talented claire f taxidermist from dorset by any chance
    Welcome to the site

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    Quote Originally Posted by CFFT View Post
    hi I'm Claire and I'm from Dorset
    Welcome to the SD Claire.
    Are you Les R`s niece?
    "He who kills sow with piglets empties the forest of boar" My neighbours dad on new years eve 2011.

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    Well no point in beating round the bush yup tis me
    Thanks for the compliment RICK O SHEA, and I sure am Basil

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