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Thread: Riflecraft LSR1

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    Riflecraft LSR1

    I was thinking of buying a rifle from Riflecraft, Norfolk. Have read good reports about them but wandered if anyone had heard the contrary and/or had any experience with there rifles.
    The rifle I was looking at was the:

    Light sporting rifle (LSR1) in .30-06
    Stainless steel barrel, Synthetic stock thread for a mod of muzzle break.

    Link below:

    Not much info on it but for £800 you could do a lot worse. Most out of the box factory rifles are over £1,000.
    I was told Riflecraft offer money back if your rifle doesn’t achieve 1/2" @ 100 with FACTORY LOADS.
    I think it is based on the Remington 700 with a match barrel and jewel trigger bedded in a carbon fiber stock.
    Sounds great to me for less than a factory product.
    What do you think?

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    Carl Gustaf
    Just been on about Remmy 7's in the 'Stalking vs Technology' thread. I've booked a long range shooting course with riflecraft, they seem okay.
    The LSR comes from a good pedegree and is a very good basic rifle, no frills just a good working tool. The American forces and law enforcement still use the Remmy 7 for sniping (yes they also use other rifles). It worked very well for them in the Vietnam war in the most trying of environments. If I had the cash I would give it ago!

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    Don't want to rain on your parade but just spotted this.

    Looks as if they have just lost a County Court case.

    You wouldn't get me spending good money on any of their courses.

    If yo want to do a course have a look on here

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    Thanks Bradley,
    I had seen that thread, and actually that is the only bad press i have come across.
    I don't know if you read the shooting sports magazine, but Pete Moore who is the chief Indian really likes Riflecraft and has had a lot of dealings with them and sings there praise.

    I totally agree with you regarding the course, looks great, would love to do it, but no way would i spend that kind of money on it. i don't know how all there guys get away with charging such prices.

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    Carl Gustaf
    Cheers Bradley, I think I will reconsider my options. I would just like to see what distances my rifle can effectively shoot out to. In Civvy street I have only ever shot out to 100yds. Shooting deer at long ranges doesn't appeal to me but knowing that I can shoot well at 600metres would be nice. Remmy 7's are still very good in my opinion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2428 miles
    Thanks Bradley,.
    I don't know if you read the shooting sports magazine, but Pete Moore who is the chief Indian really likes Riflecraft and has had a lot of dealings with them and sings there praise.
    As with all things there are 2 sides to every page.

    There are some who have claimed to have had dreadful experiences with Riflecraft. Whilst others have claimed to have been perfectly happy.

    It could be the old "Bad news always travels fast", or "No smoke with out fire" routine.

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    One question have you ever read a article were Pete More slagged off a supplier or product?


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    To be fair Thar, yes I have, he doesn’t blow it out the water and warn no one to buy it, he is a little more tactful but you know which side his opinion lies. His opinion may mean nothing to some people but just by the fact that he has shot, handled and reviewed more rifles than I have had hot dinners makes his knowledge far superior to mine regarding rifle selection. He has certainly never had a bad word to say about Riflecraft.
    Like Bradley says there is always two sides to a story. I just want to hear as much as possible form both sides before I reach for my wallet!

    (by the way, have you been hunting Thar? it's one of my ambitions to get out to NZ and wack a couple, maybe a goat too!)

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    Hi Miles

    I am not trying to say that Riflecraft are necessarily a poor or bad company.

    But even reading between the lines I have never read a article written by Pete that says this product is no good. Now the guy who does the shotgun reviews in Shooting Sports seems to tell it how it is with in the restraints of the magazine editor.

    I am sure Pete gets treated well by Riflecraft (good PR), if he was my customer I would treat him like royalty. Believe me I know because I have been there both as a company supplying products for magazine articles and as a writer for these magazines. The writer unless things go really tits up is not going to bite the hand that feeds it, and the company is going to bend over backwards to get a good review, it is money.

    I would post on a few more shooting forums to get a balanced view and remember even the best company can’t please all the people all the time, take note of what the company’s reaction was when things did go wrong.

    Pete Moore has only “come back to stalking” in the last 5 years, a target shooter before then and I am not aware of him winning anything lately if at all, I would put money on most of the more experienced members have shot far more deer that Pete Moore has.

    The above of course is just my opinion.

    I have a 135/8” Bull Thar on my front room wall looking down at me, I have shot a couple of good Billy’s (does not take much doing) If you want to go to New Zealand hunting my mate is a outfitter doing trips out there.

    All the best.


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    Thanks for that Thar, i will have a good look around before i make any decisions. in no great hurry as long as i have it for Scotland in Aug.

    Am i right in thinking that in Nz they have similar rules as us Ie. what is on your land belongs to you and you can therefore shoot it with out having to buy tags and licenses like Canada and the US.

    so, if one was to have a friend who owned sufficient land out there, one could go and stay, pop away at some Thar and the only real fee would be the flight and trophy shipping.

    did you have your taxidermy done here or there? and how did shipping work out?

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