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Thread: When is a point a 'point'?

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    Question When is a point a 'point'?

    I've noticed some variation in the way people count the number of 'points' on a head and, not being particularly clued up on the trophy side of things, was wondering if there is an official definition of what constitutes a 'point'

    For example, I have seen people counting the bump of a tine long since gone back as a point whereas personally I wouldn't have said it was.

    So when is a point a point?

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    maybe heard this a million times but ive always been led to beleive a point is a point if a wedding ring can be hung on it
    sure most have heard this but thought id put my pennies worth in

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    The old way at least with Red Stags, is if it would hold a watch and chain[pocket watch] now tend to use a ring if it will support the ring unaided its a point.

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    hI, i was always told that if you could hang an old fashioned pocket watch on the point it could be classed as a proper point.Nowadays not many pocketwatches about now so people use a telescope case.


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    Definitely a consensus forming there then. It still seems fairly subjective because I can imagine that it would depend at what angle you hold the head whether or not the watch/ring stays on!

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    I cant remember where I heard it but I remember someone once telling me that an official point needs to twice as long as it is wide???

    So presumably if the "point" is 8mm wide it needs to be 16mm long to count????

    Has anyone else heard of this


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    Points or pearling ? If that wee bit on CSL,s is a point then this has about 40 ! lolol
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    I heard if a signet ring could be hung on it then it is a point.


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    I was told that if you could hang your car keys on it - that was classed as a point.
    Interesting variations coming out here

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    its the wedding ring test

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