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Thread: Can I sell my Reflex

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    Can I sell my Reflex

    I have just bought a Jet Z compact and so have a Reflex Mod in Good condition.
    Question is can I sell the Mod as it is not proofed ??
    Any advice will be welcome.

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    no you have to give it to me for free!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grant.N View Post
    I can I sell the Mod as it is not proofed ??
    There is no legal requirement to proof a Moderator; they were not even invented when the proof act was written. One Proof House did try to take Jackson rifles to court on the issue but dropped the case before it made court.

    Sell away buddy.



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    The interesting thing is that though they are governed by the same FAC rules as rifles, they have no identity requirement (serial numbers) so getting rid of one and proving who you gave it to is a minefield. You report the unit "off" to your Force and the other guy doesn't report it "on" to his Force. All you have is his FAC number as you have seen his certificate when you handed over Room for naughtiness......


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    you should check you certificate as you may well find you are breaking the law by 2 centerfire mods

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    trouble:- how can he be breaking the law, his FAC states that he has "X" rifle with "X" serial No. and moderator "unknown" the fact that he has a mod on his ticket is for the use of not the ownership of, as has been previously stated a mod does not need to be proofed therefore has no serial No. this proof marking is a con used by a lot of RFD's, not just small ones, there's a big RFD not to far from me, sounds like a wreath of flowers, caught me out, told me it was the law for mod to be proofed, cost me 60, had to have mod and rifle sent over to Brum to be proofed. Won't be caught again!! If he has 1 rifle he can own as many mods as he likes for it as he can only use 1 at a time and at that time the mod becomes part of the rifle and is classed as a firearm, as I've stated in another thread, when mod is off the gun its just a bit of scrap metal but if you use it as a cosh it becomes an offensive weapon, it becomes an offence only if he decides to sell the rifle and mod together and the mod hasn't been proofed, very, very grey area, even BASC won't give a definitive answer, it's a good job there's folk like jacksons willing to stand up against silly prosecutions

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    And the proof house (london) proof tests and stamps mods for free, as long as it is done
    at the same time as the rifle.


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    Well the London proof house and the met Police tried to do Gunshop East Barnet and it's owner Joe Beatham over this and lost heavily and that was over 5 years ago now and they still try it on. All they can see is the lost revenue . The P-H I brought threaded is not re-proofed and the P8 is not proofed and neither have to be .

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    on your ticket under 1 firearms possessed, or authorised to be purchased or aquired it will state in clear english what you own or are authorised to own ,ie 1 223 moderator make and number unknown . If mr plod checks up out of the blue maybe after a fire , accident or such and you are in possession of 2 moderators it is quite clearly an offence

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    You are spot on a moderator is classed as a firearm it matters not a jot if its on a rifle or not in Scotland anyway.

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