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Thread: cat hunting tales ! lets hear them!

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    cat hunting tales ! lets hear them!

    I would like to hunt a big cat one day! if i can ever afford it!

    lets here about your hunt !

    was it a success!

    did you bait or use hounds or spot/stalk? please share the excitement!

    couger,lion or was it leopard?

    thanks dan

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    Cheetah are like foxes in a chicken coop. Will kill more than they eat. A Leopard will kill and eat for 10 days off a calf.

    Twice I've been in a position. first time I pointed out to the PH, "Cheetah", and he looked around to see it slinking off. "Why didn't you shoot it?".

    Fee, desire etc. Explanation followed as to why mixed farms (plains game, cattle, sheep) don't like transient Cheetah.

    Next year we actually hear the Impala kill by a Cheetah and stalk onto the sound. BIG heart rate. Never any sight of the cat but plenty of spoor.

    All the adrenaline of the stalk but without the cost


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    I posted a bit about my Leopard hunt a while back coniber.Price was a bit of a consideration if I pulled the trigger or not,when PH told me I could pay when I got back to U.K i think I hesitated for about 0.00000000001 of a second

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    We used to get them in a wood where we released pheasants, never bothered with them too much and anyway they were as wild as hell. Used to see a big old grey moggy quite often but he was always too smart for me. Later on in the winter I was a walking gun when we drove the same wood, a terrier went into a log pile and I was expecting a bunny to come out but it was the grey moggy that bolted. The poor old fella did not get far as I rolled him over with an ounce of sixes. Never shot one since. Not the most exciting of stories I know but alot more sporting IMO than shooting a treed cougar or a leopard coming into a bait. At least the shot took a modicum of skill.

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    First time I was hunting in Namiba we went to a consession for Kudo,we were driving around to enter the ground with the PH and the land owner we saw a family yes a family of Cheetah,this apparantly was a very rare site to see in the day light,
    the farmer shouted "shoot shoot" the PH turned and said $3000 the farmer wanted them shot as hes a cattle farmer,
    as you can imagine I didnt shoot,we just watched them run away and struggle to get under the wire,quite a site to see.
    The last 2 trips after that I had permission to take a Cheetah if seen for free,i wasnt luky enough but saw plenty of kills and spoor

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    Theres a great white hunter, by the name of Mary Bale,she prowls the streets of the uk looking for cats,
    never uses a gun or weapon of any kind but manages to catch them with her bare hands.

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    Not the most exciting of stories I know but alot more sporting IMO than shooting a treed cougar or a leopard coming into a bait. At least the shot took a modicum of skill.[/QUOTE]

    certainly not an exciting story !

    but i have to agree about treed cougers. and leopards over bait! NOT FOR ME!
    which is why ive never shot 1
    spot stalk only for me thanks !

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    Ive never shot a big cat myself but have personally known enough people who have a collective bag over 200 (tigers, lions and leopards) included. All the stories i might recount wont be first hand but straight from the horses mouth for me.

    Some of them exiting the others boring.
    I sure would like to shoot a big cat some day.
    Born to hunt, forced to work.

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    Hour upon hour of boredom and anticipation followed by a few moments of maximum adrenaline followed by a feeling of relief....mostly, but sometimes....sometimes it all goes horribly wrong, or the author just makes it up!


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