News just in today is George Michael was immediately caught in the showers with a bar of chocolate up his b**.
A prison spokesman said it was just a careless Wispa.

Songs on George Michaels latest album out in eight weeks.

Please let that con go down on me.
I know you are waiting (for me).
Careless driving.
Praying for no time.
One more chance.
Wake me up before you, oh no.
The first time I ever saw your shop.
Brother can you spare a line.
I don't remember you.
One last request.

Ballad of George Michael ( sung to the music from Faith)

Well I think it would be nice if I dint crash me motor
I know not every body can crash a motor like me

Yeah I gotta think twice about the whacky backy
because my drivings Kacky one day it'll stop me crashin into shops

I Need some help for my addiction the can-a-bis it makes me itch
they put my in the nonces section well I need some freedom baby
cos they think that I'm a snitch

cos you gotta have faith oooo you gotta have faith


I wish this place it had more staff they dee-mand autographs
and they're giving me the blues

only a week to go and I will be on tag can start to have a drag on the canabis tube

Before this prison is filled with oceans of my sad git tears

I think I'll pass on whacky backy and learn to drive better
and not crash all the gears ( and shops)

cos you gotta have faith oooo you gotta have faith.

Cue rotating cell toilet and flashing lights on lag's bed and sequined dancing screws with colour changingbatons.....