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Thread: Monmouth Gamedealer

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    Monmouth Gamedealer

    Looking for a gamedealer near Monmouth is there any.

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    not near monmouth really but carry on up the dual carrageway to the diner on your left.."old little chef" and head for hereford past the st owens cross cross road, take left at the next junction through harewood end past windmill farm with the polly tunnels and its next left...peter something i think

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    I think there is one in Raglan, can remember what its called or whether they are actually a game dealer but i think they are....not much help i know!!!lol

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    There was a dealer in Monmouth in Hadnock Rd (on the wrong side of the river) or so I am informed, but I don't have any details. The guy in Raglan will butcher deer for you but wasn't interested in buying from my experience with him some years ago. It's that long ago that I can't remember his name - something like Wye valley meats???
    There is always Vin Sullivan but once again this information is some years out of date. The boys that have had dealings with Vin Sullivan wouldn't use him again because he paid bottom dollar on everything.

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    Hi Teckel PM Wayne Davies,he might be able to help.

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    Hi Teckel,

    Have you tried Carl Saddler in Penarth (opposite the train station), no where near monmouth i know but during the shooting season he is always making weekly collections from local shoots. Paying 1 a pound at present. Give me a shout if you want his number.
    Agree with 8x57 Vin not the best by reputation. (Mike just found the cheque book, cheque to follow once i find a stamp)


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    Hello Ron -

    We are achieving, without any effort, a 50p premium from the local gastro pubs at the moment. Am sure you could do the same. In my book, dealers are the haven of last resort.
    KevinF -

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    Thanks for the info guy's but i'm still looking for a gamedealer.

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    Excuse my ignorance but is the game dealer required due to an excess of venison?

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    I believe was called Evans, though ne only buys it in too order now. I will follow on from Griff3, do you have an excess Teckel?.

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