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    Hi Guys

    Not got the money at the moment to buy all the reloading gear but i was wondering if i get all the components needed(ie cases,heads etc etc).
    there would be some one kind enough to show me the ropes on there equipment and make a few loads and teach me at the same time.

    sorry for being a bit cheekey.

    Many thanks

    Forgot to say i live near newport shropshire but willing to travel.

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    dave I take it that you are going to be loading for 223, if so you are welcome to use my press and dies for that calibre, only problem being I'm about as far east in staffs as you can get, I've got in 223, "one book/ one calibre" which will give you all the loads required, also hornady's 7 th edition and richard lees 2nd edition, if interested PM me....callie

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