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Thread: black islander boots

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    black islander boots

    i treated myself at the gamefair to a pair of black islander boots non scratch boots, just a question to those of you who have them, what do you treat the few parts of leather which on show with ? many thanks

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    I have had these boots for more than 2 seasons now and they are without doubt the best boots i have had but through experience i dont believe the blurb about them not needing care and attention like any other boot.I treat mine with Hoggs dubbing or Grangers wax (or similar) all over and have had no problem since.

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    Have a look at the boot care blurb at the bottom of this page
    Bootcare - dubbins, polishes or waxes - we recommend Leder Gris boot waxas dubbins can damage modern leathers - Leder Gris is specially developed.
    Most boot manufacturers are quite specific about what you can and can't use on boots now. Dubbin is a no no, it knackers the leather and will ruin any waterproof membrane.
    Leadergris, or Nikwax are pretty safe to use on just about anything.

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    Had mine 3 years
    wash with cold water hose outside.Never leaked Replaced laces once best boots ever

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    phoned black islander today and they said the same, with wearing gaiters with them just wash them off, i did call the company above alt-berg but they couldnt tell me what to use .

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    Just spent two days crawling behind the stalker in Sutherland. He wears Black Islander boots and swears by them. Having now spent some time examining them in minute detail I think once I've worn out the three pairs of boots I've got I'll buy a pair myself

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    really happy with these boots, comfy from day 1

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    I've had a pair for over a year now, cold water hose down and if very muddy a quick scrub with a brush, comfortable and dry so far, never liked high leg boots until I bought these.


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    I've been out in mine about six times, Just back from a real test.
    Disappointed to say, The left one dry the right one wet. Will give them a call tomorrow and see what they say
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    I gave them a ring very helpful, Spoke to a guy called Hamish.
    Did not have another pair of 8's in, So could i try them again.
    If they continue to leek, Then they would replace them.
    cannot say fairer than that...
    Your a long time dead..GET OUT THERE.

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