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Thread: Javelin bipod group buy for Stalking Directory Members

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    Javelin bipod group buy for Stalking Directory Members

    I've run the idea of putting together a group buy for Javelin bipods and adapters for you guys by the boss and he is fine with it so I just need to gauge interest levels.

    Subject to interest levels the discount would increase. This is STRICTLY for members of the Stalking Directory website and will not be a transferable offer to anyone else, and it is to show our support for the UK deer stalking community.

    1 - 10 Buyers - 10% discount
    11-20 Buyers - 20% discount
    21+ Buyers - 25% discount

    Any thoughts? Would you like me to progress this? I'm not down as a trade member. Do I need to be for this?

    If you'd like to join in then please respond below and I'll update you with the current discount level.

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    I'd certainly be interested

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    I already have your long bipod (great bit of kit)

    Does this offer just apply to bipods or would it extend to the tripod selections as well?

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    Yes please

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    Whats the starting price before discount?

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    Id be interested
    Thanks Daniel

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    Yes I’d be interested please

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