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Thread: Namibia the journey begins. Part one

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    Namibia the journey begins. Part one

    Hi all, just back from the most amazing hunting trip in Namibia. I will start with the 4 of us meeting at T2 Heathrow. Flying with South African Airways, I have always flown with them as there is no hasle, no extra charge etc, why the **** would you fly BA.
    We got there 4 hours before the flight as we all had 2 rifles each to check in. When we arrived at check in there was all ready 7 guys in front of us to check in firearms so I thought good job we got there early.
    Checked in and off to Border force to do the rifle check. All was going well until the whole job slowed right up. It turned out that one of the guys in the party of 7 thought it was O.K. to present a photo copy of his firearms cert
    He had actually brought the original but didn't think he needed it so left it in his car, needless to say the car was parked off airport. He was told that no fly matey. now time is kicking on at this point with the porters looking at their watches it was starting to look like we wouldn't get our guns on the flight and this ***** didn't even have the courtesy to apologise to us let alone the other members of his group. Don't know if he made it and don't really care.
    Any way we did make it, just. So we are away.
    Arrived Jo,berg straight though to international transfers and breakfast.
    So we are on the tarmac ready to go but the passenger manifest has mistakes so more delays and then a fault on the aircraft so we actually left for Windhoek 3 hours late.
    On arrival got the rifles processed very fast when the policeman arrived unlike S.A. it is just a sheet of A4 with about 7 questions, met our friend on the other side and we were off 3 hours south of Windhoek.
    You probably have guessed by now that this journey was also not straight forward as only an hour later fan belt broke and radiator split. We actually got to the farm at 9.15 p.m. Dinner and lots of red wine calmed us all down and off to bed about midnight. except for 2.
    So we are now in the middle of Namibia,s wilderness eagerly awaiting to hunt 10,000 hectres of totally wild game.
    Part 2 , The hunt , to follow

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    Jealous doesn’t even come close to how I’m feeling about your forthcoming adventures!

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    Waiting with baited breath. Reckon Namibia is my next destination..Part 2 will probably confirm

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    Looking forward to hearing the updates....... Who are you hunting with out there?
    Best of luck, beautiful country!!! Very Jealous!!
    Opinions are like arseholes....... we all have them, and most of them stink

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    Quote Originally Posted by deerstalker.308 View Post
    Looking forward to hearing the updates....... Who are you hunting with out there?
    Best of luck, beautiful country!!! Very Jealous!!
    I will elaborate on part 3 but it was with Okaturua. The first part of the hunt was on a friend's farm.

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    Namibia Part 2.
    Day 1 hunting on Peters farm. Early rise and check zero and away we go . Peter has 10,000 hectres south of Windhoek and farms 1000 sheep and a couple hundred goats so he likes to keep the local wildlife to reasonable level. There are no high fences here so all the game comes and goes as it likes. We shoot from a Toyota hi lux and I know that some of you will think oh no! but if you saw the terrain and vegetation or lack of it, it would be impossible to walk and stalk and It was a cull hunt.
    Oryx and Springbok spotted and Chris is first to shoot and the springbok offers the best chance about 150 yrds drops to the shot we are away.
    Almost all the shooting is about 200 yards or more and my first chance is an Oryx all of that. Boom 30-06 sends 165 grains of Noslers finest a good hit, the oryx stumbles forward its shoulder broken, but runs with the herd over a small hill Peter guns the hi lux and now its like "Top Gear" with guns. We round a corner and can see the herd starting to slow , we approach and Peter says to just get a bullet in to it however as we get closer they take off again so I take him on the move and he rolls over job done but I must try harder to get the first shot on the money.
    All the other guys take game on the first day and we retire to the lodges by the river for beer , wine and a most fabulous dinner of Oryx steaks. We can now relax by the fire pit and open more brilliant wine.
    So day 2 and when it comes to my turn we think we are looking for Springbok but out of nowhere a brace of Kudu bulls spring up run about 150 yards maybe more then they stop and look back at us this time I am bang on the money and I have a nice Kudu bull. Home for lunch.
    That afternoon I decide to take the 243 as I fancy a chance at the Springbok however when it is my turn to shoot we come across a Warthog and he takes off but turns and comes up against a stock fence he tries to barge through it but backs off and I have my chance probably 150 yrds , no farther and the 243 drops him on the spot with a 85 grain Sierra Game king .
    Next day much of the same with Springbok , Oryx being taken. I again brought out the 243 hoping for a Springbok. when it comes to my turn to shoot I am presented with a herd of about 20+ Oryx. One is standing perfectly sideways on, my mate ranged it at 190 metres I aim for a high neck shot about 3-4 inches behind the ear and sqweaze, crack and the Oryx folds on the spot without a twitch. Everyone is now in no doubt what a 243 can do.
    So now it is time to pack for the next part of the adventure and onwards for about 3 hours to Okaturua were we have appointments with Eland, Zebra and Baboons.

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    Go on, go on, don't stop there.

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    Eland has to be my favourite Africa game to eat. Looking forward to the next instalment !

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_0933.jpg 
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ID:	97501Warthog taken with 243. Also Oryx same 243 and 85 grain Gameking
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails IMG_0939.jpg  

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    Great stuff!
    Opinions are like arseholes....... we all have them, and most of them stink

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