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Thread: 764mm Brenneke reloading items

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    764mm Brenneke reloading items

    Having recently sold my 7x64 barrel I now have the following items for sale either individually as priced or as a job lot at 160

    All the following cases have been made ready for reloading i.e. they just need priming before receiving powder charge and then bullet seating.

    150 off RWS Cases not fired since neck annealing 75

    106 off RWS Cases Once Fired from New or Neck annealing. 50

    39 off Winchester Cases not fired since neck annealing. 20

    3 off RWS Cartridge Boxes (no cases). Free

    2 off Winchester Cartridge Boxes (no cases). Free

    Set of Lee Pacesetter Dies (three) Full Length Case Sizing (please note the de-priming pin end has been removed), Bullet Seating Die, and Factory Crimp. 25

    Lee Quick Trim Overall Length Die. 20

    Regards RoeHunter
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 2018-06-11 19.36.27.jpg   2018-06-11 19.41.02.jpg   2018-06-11 19.41.45.jpg   2018-06-11 19.42.48.jpg   2018-06-11 19.43.26.jpg  

    2018-06-11 19.44.08.jpg   2018-06-11 19.49.49.jpg   2018-06-11 19.39.33.jpg   2018-06-11 19.50.46.jpg  

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    Is there no one interested reloading for 7x64 ?

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    Bump, just in case someone might be interested....

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