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Thread: FAC arrived - Great service from Strathclyde

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    FAC arrived - Great service from Strathclyde

    Got some good news yesterday gents,

    My FAC arrived from Strathclyde Police!!

    First application and I've been granted an Open Cert with .223 + Mod for Roe and Vermin &
    .243 + Mod for Deer and Vermin.

    Buy 60 hold 100 for both which was the amount I asked for.

    I'm glad I researched on here for bits of advice and thanks to those who gave me some tips etc for the application. The FEO who was great to deal with did comment on the fact that the accompanying paperwork with the application made his job a great deal easier.

    So now it's shopping time



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    Congratulations mate, let the shopping commence
    I just had an e-mail to say my licence is ready to collect after the latest variation


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    Cheers Hornet,

    Good news re; your variation. The crecit card must be burning a hole in your pocket too then


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    Nice! Im just waiting for mine to hit the post Ive been told what my FEO has recommended...Just wait to see if thats what I get.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rigboot View Post
    Cheers Hornet,

    Good news re; your variation. The crecit card must be burning a hole in your pocket too then

    No money, no cards (but no debt) so it had to be a trade

    So what have you bought so far


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    Well done Rigboot, great feeling when it comes through the post. I just got mine on Friday as well.
    Lothian and Borders police were excellent, again, as I have mentioned previously, I think it also helps sending accompanying paperwork, i.e. level 1 cert (copy) and land details.
    I received an open ticket with no mentor condition and obtained the following:
    0.308 and moderator for deer, buy 100 ammo, keep 200.
    22-250 and moderator for deer and fox, buy 100 ammo, keep 200
    .22 and moderator for vermin and ground game, buy 250, keep 500.

    In the equipment section I have posted a pic of the new 22-250 set up....thread is titled "my first rifle set up". The Tikka T3 shoots like a dream, well chuffed with it!
    Going out stalking with it on my land on Wednesday with a fellow SD member, will let you guys know how I get on.

    Again, congratulations and it seems a couple of the Scottish forces are extremely happy with the DSC level 1 qualification going by my personal experience and from what I have heard of others.
    Let us know what set up you get when you get a chance, look forward to seeing it.

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    Good stuff John

    It's great to read some positive news regarding the FAC issuing etc from some police forces.

    I had read on here that Strathclyde preferred to keep the ammo amount to buy 40 hold 60 for 1st time applicants but was pleasantly surprised by getting what I'd asked for.

    It seems there is a massive difference in police forces throughout the country though, reading the various forums,some of the lads down south have nightmares with their respective forces when trying to get open certs/variations/ammo amounts etc.

    Good luck with your new set up and your day out on Wednesday. I've been busy assisting with some foxing and getting ready for our first walked up day on Saturday so need to make time for getting sorted for rifle/scope etc soon


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