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Thread: Roe, Fallow and Red stalking in Devon (wild boar, not just yet!)

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    Roe, Fallow and Red stalking in Devon (wild boar, not just yet!)

    Hi All,

    I am now in a position to offer the above.
    To make it simple the stalk fee will be 60 per outing but no addition fee to shoot a pricket or any female deer.
    This arrangement is ideal for any newcomer to the sport who is keen to get thier first deer.
    No stalking will be from high seats, and i will accompany the client at all times.
    Trophy animals etc by arrangement.
    For a booking form and terms please e-mail me your address and i will post them off.

    Regarding wild boar....they are here but i haven't shot one myself yet as i do not have the correct calibre, my renewal is being processed and i will soon have the correct rifle, once i have shot a wild boar myself i will also offer this service, can't wait!
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    Brilliant Richard,just had a quick peep on your website, how is it that men are attracted to either fishing or shooting or if your really lucky and have an understanding wife/partner
    you can have both,fishing and shooting.

    hope to see you soon

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    PM sent



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    Hi Richard,

    Web site looks great , good luck with the boar and i like the pricing system keeping it simple means no embarrsing moments later!! I will be in touch soon

    Regards Mark.

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    Thanks Mark, its been my busiest season to date with the fly fishing, but got just a little chilled today wading in the River Teign for 4 hours with a very keen client after his first ever wild brown trout, he suceeded but i'm sure we were both mildly hypothermic by the end of the outing!
    As soon as i get mt new rifle i will be out after the boar.
    We must have a chat about bass fishing sometime.

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    All pm's and e-mails replied to and all letters posted today.
    Many thanks for the interest shown to date.

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    Quick update, anyone booking a Friday or Saturday with me for stalking will have the option of taking a days rough shooting from the landowner on the Saturday for an additional 75 payable direct to the landowner.
    Small shoot covering 400 acres, 150 birds put down which borders another shoot who put down 2000.
    Dates are
    30/10/10, 13/11/10, 27/11/10, 11/12/10.

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