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    My name is Andy/Andrew, I have just registered with this forum. I have been stalking and shooting for many years on our small family farm. When I say stalking, I mean Deer and others. I have only just recently started stalking Deer for shooting, prefering in the past to stalk just to see them.

    I am actively involved in shooting and vermin control in my local area and I also coordinate the local Red Squirrel group, being actively involved in the shooting and trapping of grey squirrels (tree rats)

    Hopefully I will be able to contribute to the discussions on this site.

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    Welcome Andy,

    Can I ask that if you want to advertise on the site that you contact JAYB, its a very reasonable 10 a month and it helps us to run and maintain the site.

    Thank you

    Sikamalc (Admin)

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