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Thread: Schmidt & Bender Hungarian 8x56

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    Schmidt & Bender Hungarian 8x56

    For sale one brand new 8x56 Hungarian Schmidt & Bender with A 7 reticule.
    This has never been used in any way shape or form, save yourself a bit off shop retail.

    yours for only 350:00 plus P&P

    Cheers, Gerry

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    i wish

    blaser, thats a real deal. i wish i had them pennies in my coffers!


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    is it inch or 30mm??

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    Blaser, Is this scope still for sale? If so could you pm me. Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gazza
    Blaser, Is this scope still for sale? If so could you pm me. Thanks
    you may hav to wait for a while for a reply , he's gone hunting

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    Cheers Stone, At least if he is huntin he is not selling on the other hand perhaps he is off huntin with the money he got from the scope

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