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Thread: Vicky's appeal buck.

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    Vicky's appeal buck.

    Well to quickly fill you in.
    On another forum a friend of mine put up an outing for the winner to shoot a buck.
    This was for charity, Malcolm who will be known to some of you (he helps me with some clients and on the shoot i run) lost his step daughter earlier this year to an agressive cancer- she was 27).
    So I agreed to take the winner out for a deer as well in the hope of expanding the bidding.
    Tom won with a bid of 270.
    This is his write up of the outing with me.
    Well me and John finally got out again yesterday morning. We arrived at the ground at about 6:30am with the light just cracking through. As I opened the gate into where we were parking I spotted a shape in the middle of the field, about 200 yds away. John went for a quick look at it with the binos while I grabbed my rifle from the back, it was a big buck, but by the time we were ready it had already melted away into the shadows. Time from spotting it to being ready was about two mins!

    We started the stalk in the opposite direction from where we'd seen the big buck, we had waited for 10 mins after the buck had dissappeared but he didn't show. After a good stalk through / round 3 - 4 fields we spotted a buck and doe approx 500 yds away and by the looks of things the false rut was beginning, lots of &rse sniffing and chasing by the buck. We briskly stalked around out of sight to try get a shot but by the time we got there they had dissappeared. So we continued into some woodland and around a couple more fields, we bounced a few does along the way but no bucks. Then as we came to the end of the wood we spotted the same buck and doe seen earlier laid out on a hill side.

    We stalked down the inside of the wood and out the other end behind a fairly dense hedge hoping to get a shot in a gap. But the further towards them we got the thinner the hedge got and the two of them started getting twitchy. To get closer we belly crawled about 70 yds under the hedge and virtually to the end of the field, now opposite the deer that were still laid down. I crawled through the hedge to get a shot, but there wasn't sufficient hillside above the deer for a safe shot, so I crawled back out again. John didn't mind a shoulder shot if nessesary as the carcase was heading to a restaurant so after a little deliberating we found an opening in the hedge with which to get a shot from the sticks. John extended the sticks virtually as long as they'd go (I'm 6'3") and I stood up to take a shot. I took a base of the neck shot since he was still laid down and a boiler room shot would have made far too much mess. The bullet struck the very top of the shoulder / neck, with the buck dead instantly.

    So a big thankyou to John for a very enjoyable morning but sorry for not getting a shot at the big fox we saw just after we'd dragged the deer to one side. Hopefully we did Vicky justice with a good belly crawl and getting covered in sand under the hedge!!!

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    Nice one chaps.


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    Hats off to you guys, very worthy cause. I think just about everyones lives at sometime or another has been touched by cancer in some way or another. Well done

    Malcolm my/Admin sincere condolences to you and your family, I hope with time the loss of loosing an outstanding young lady will ease for you and your family.

    Best wishes


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    She was lost back in feb so its now easier for them.
    Thanks anyway chaps.
    By the way the appeal is still running and pledges are welcomed,
    The money is going to the ward which made her comfortable in her last days.
    kind regards john.
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    Good write up! Well done to both of you, a great result for a great cause.

    all the best,


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    A touching story, a great stalk and a great cause.

    Hats off to you gents involved.


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