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Thread: Changes to Importing Of Hunting Trophies

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    Changes to Importing Of Hunting Trophies

    A heads up on some changes to the paperwork required to import trophies into the UK.
    The veterinary certificate which must accompany the cargo has changed with effect from 1 May 2008 - it contains more information than before. Although the change was enacted last year and in theory everything should be OK I have heard that one or two people have experienced difficulties as there may be shippers or even government vets overseas with a stock of the old forms and this has meant that consigments have landed in the UK with incorrect paperwork.This leaves two choices either have them incinerated or have the Trophies exported back to country of origin and then reimported to the UK with the correct paperwork. All of which entails significant time and expense.
    If you are expecting Trophies from abroad the safe way to play this is to appoint a freight forwarder in the UK experienced with hunting trophies well in advance of the consignment arriving, and to insist that your outfitter/shipper does not send the consignment before the veterinary certificate (and any CITES permits) have been faxed or emailed to your UK freight forwarder and he has confirmed they are correct.

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    thanks for that grube
    from this i will be cheeky i presume you hav a few african trophies any chance you may post a few pics please , it's not the trophy i take pleasure from , more the pics of different species that are hunted across the globe
    many thanks

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    Cheers Stone-Yes I have a few pics but I haven't posted them as they are all on old fashioned negatives and prints and I haven't transferred them to digital However I have entered the world of digital photography with a recent purchase and am out in South Africa in June and will post some pics on my return.

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    thats it grube
    keep me in suspension why don't you
    shall await the return and look forward to the stories and pics that you shall bestow us with
    good luck with your trip and enjoy

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