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Thread: Best Weaver/Picatinny Quick Release Mounts?

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    Question Best Weaver/Picatinny Quick Release Mounts?

    I'm looking for some quick release mounts for a 30mm scope mounting onto a picatinny rail and was wondering what people suggest. Repeatability (return to zero) is more important than ease of removal.

    This is so I can swap between a night vision set up and a conventional scope on my T3 .223 with minimal re-zeroing!



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    Alex, I have found Warne to be excellent and reliable on a number of rifles over the years.

    I actually dispensed with my Optilocks and put Warne fixed mounts on my Sako.

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    I use Warne QD mounts on my 30-06 rifle so I can swop from the 'driven' scope to the standard 'scope.

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    I've got a pair of TPS HRTs and a pair of Leupold Tactical, also a pair Leupold PRW, they're all fairly good, the PRWs are a bit of pain to install (the top bit needs to clip over the scope tube) but are the cheapest of the three, the Leupold Tacticals are a bit heavy, but they are all steel, the TPS HRTs are very nicely made and would be the one's I'd recommend.

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