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Thread: Bye bye, close the door on the way out

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    Well said stecad with you all the way mate

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    Quote Originally Posted by stecad View Post
    Just finished reading "Adults in the Room" by Yanis Varoufakis describing how Greece was shafted by the German/French to save their own economies. Very interesting book and shows how egotistical & protectionist Brussels is.
    I've seen it first hand while developing WTO trade rules and a deliberate attempt by the French (supported by the EU & Morocco) to stitch up the UK fishing industry. They hate the UK, and we should not forget that they never wanted us as members in the first place. We were only tolerated because of the money we brought to the table.
    We should all be clear that Brussels is an unelected bunch of bureaucrats with a track record of ignoring democracy. The EU is a busted flush that is only still going because of massive Quantitative Easing. Immigration will blow it apart, but the Germans will do all they can to keep it going. It's simply in their interest to keep the Euro as they are the only country actually making things (cars, engineering, etc, etc) that people want. Loosing the Euro would mean reverting to the DM and massive currency inflation. German exports would tank. The French are broke and have to do Merkels bidding to stay liquid. Look at Macron ideas - more Euro and closer financial integration to gain more control over member countries.
    Fiscal union is the only way that the EU can survive.

    Westminster (Cameron is on record saying it) spun the lie that they were superior to Brussels. Brussels defeated the UK in the Factortame case (1991) and established Supremacy over all member states. We ceded control to Brussels when we joined in 1973. However, what we joined in 1973 has morphed into a different beast that is heading for a car crash. The worry is that we've had over 40 years of statutory integration (reinforced by legal challenge at significant cost to industry & society). Westminster will not wish to go through that pain again to unpick all the legislation. We'll end up with a complete fudge, no influence over new legislation and still be dancing to the Brussels tune for years to come. Westminster will do anything to save the City as this is the biggest earner for UK Plc. The French want it and will bend us over (with the support of Germany) to drive the negotiations. Everything else (farming, fishing, manufacturing) will be thrown at the deal to protect the City.

    We are better out, but unfortunately we need a strong team to negotiate the deal. I'm not convinced we have that team.
    What he said... especially the last paragraph.. ie... how can you expect someone who wanted us to remain to have our best interests at heart to get the best deal for out
    Next time you're walking down the street and see a homeless person go buy them a sandwich and a coffee, change of fate and it could be you one day !!!

    BUY BRITISH !!!!

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    More noise and bluff. No doubt every man and his dog will be using Brexit as an excuse to outsource to cheaper labour and processses. Donít see Trump worrying about this **** and just whacking his tattoos up. Shame we donít have anyone who is he euinely working in the interests of this country.

    Watched a a very interesting programme on Bloomberg with Varofakis about a year ago heís a very shrewd guy and knows the score though I donít agree with his politics heís absolutely bang on about the EU cartel. On a lighter not though as soon as Merkel goes which could be soon I think that slimy little frog wonít do anything without German Hilary holding his hand.

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    Wonder where that git Soros is right now.
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rodp View Post
    If they do go just stick a 50% tarif on imports when they want to sell them here.

    BMW joins Airbus in Brexit warning - BBC News
    Dont believe a word. It's a negotiating ploy. Immediately after the Brexit referendum the boss of BMW went to Merkel and warned here not to get into a tariff war with the U.K. As 20% of BMWs production is exported into the U.K. That's to mention Audi, Volkswagen, Porsche, Renault, Peugeot, Citroen, Fiat. One of the benefits of no longer having the benefits of having a UK owned motor industry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hayduke View Post
    The downside for us is grim if a decent deal isn't done
    The key deal in this whole process, and one that doesn't seem to get much attention, is nothing to do with the EU but rather is the deal we do with the US. I suspect that is going to end well for us, and for the US, and badly for the EU.
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    plenty of companies lulled over to europe pre brexit,

    "far too many bmw,s here anyway" and if we're as worse off as some predict nobody can afford a plane ticket.
    It's sad that not everyone shares your point of view, but there's not enough room up your ass for everyone's head.

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    Agree with much on here. Germany has always wanted to take over Europe and failed forcefully and has been trying to do it economically ever since. Frankfurt has always been envious of our City of London..

    As much as the concept of the Euro is an interesting idea, due to the material differences in the economies and ethics of its member states, it was always going to be an uphill battle.

    With Germany funding, Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal to name a few, it's a house of cards on shakey ground.

    I am ever frustrated with the self promoting posturing of some of our so called politicians, the nation has voted, and so they should use every means necessary to be tough to broker the deal to our advantage. Unfortunately we live in a snowflake society now where we try to please everyone and nothing gets done...

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    It's sad that not everyone shares your point of view, but there's not enough room up your ass for everyone's head.

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    Ha ha, so it's nothing to do with leaving the EU. It's all to do with carrying on receiving illegal backhanders. Be interesting to know just what the salary is of the person that decided they may leave the UK, and how the bungs stopping would affect it.

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