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Thread: Slide show.

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    Slide show.

    Well further to my question and poll about a training trailer of good and bad bullet placements and reactions of deer to them.
    I have been giving it much deep thought.
    Well with a clever bit of technoligy I can edit them and turn the film into a slide show which still has the detail (if not more) and looses alot of the shock factor (maybe having enough left to make people think).
    I can play around with the slides in many ways and with titles and explanations.
    Now will these go down any better/or worse with all of you.

    I am doing this with a real belief there will be more gain for stalkers and deer weather you agree or not is fine(the other thread was the place for this) but please keep your comments aimed at the difference between slides or video or line drawings please.
    And any ideas to complement or enhance the slides and text would be nice and if you think they will be of use to stalkers?

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    I think anyone who is watching this will know it's about bad/poor/unfortunate shot placement. I think the shock factor will be eliminated as a result of the prior briefing.......If they were told it's a "Disney" production, then yes they would eb shocked, but as it's to demonstrate the reaction to shot, I think to leave it as "Real" as you can would be of more benifit to the customer/intended viewer.

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    I would certainly like to see more-wether i would pay for or not would depend on the price and in slide show form you get to see what actually happens rather than what you think the reaction was .

    PS i bet if you used a ballistic tip the beast would not have ran that far only joking dont want to open that can of worms......

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    Quote Originally Posted by cervushunter View Post
    PS i bet if you used a ballistic tip the beast would not have ran that far only joking dont want to open that can of worms......
    I agree, weather there would be much to sell afterwards would be the question. LOL
    Lets stick to topic please.

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    Ok as a new stalker I found that interesting, but anybody who is prepared to pull a trigger on a deer has to be aware warts and all of the result his/her action will cause.

    I infact would like to see the realtime clip of that followed by the slide show. My 2p.

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    As a stalker, and shooter, I think anything which disseminates the information you possess (in any format) must be a good thing. I know that the anti's will jump all over stalkers, as they will think this guide gives proof of animal cruelty. But I honestly believe that this would be ideal for the DSC training courses, and any novice stalker would benefit from seeing it.

    Personally I would prefer film footage rather than the slide show, but i applaud your efforts and wish you every success whichever path you tread!

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    i like flytie think that this would benifit novices ,as i am one would much rather be aware of what happens .you can only learn so much from a book but from video footage you are going to see what happens and then hopefully a follow up to successfully finding the animal this has only got to be a good thing. anti's can pick fault with anything even a perfect stalk so you have to look at how much good you could do to all the newcoming deer stalkers which seems to be growing in popularity .this could be an exellent training tool ,all the best wayne

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    I to would prefere to see the video footage to also show the reaction in realtime aswell as slowtime so the reaction can be recognised in the field by novice stalkers.



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    I think both video and slideshow are useful. In my opinion the slideshow could be better with an arrow from the bottom centre of the screen to the POI which shows the full path of the bullet. i.e. the firer took this shot on in this way. Clearly if the video was taken from a slightly different angle to the firer then the arrow would have to be angled differently. I will try and post a photo as an example!
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    Click image for larger version. 

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    The photo above could be incorporated into the ppt but would give a good impression to the watcher of the angle of shot. Not that I will ever see a stag like that through my scope......

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