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Thread: Federal Powershock 6.5x55 ammunition.

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    Federal Powershock 6.5x55 ammunition.

    40 rounds of boxed 140 grn soft points. 30.00. Face-to-Face only - I'm in North Wilts - just off J17 of the M4.

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    I've got a friend that might be interested,I have sent him a text...........Martin

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    I'll take em

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    Sold to Rangefinder.

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    Dear Moonraker

    Have you experienced any excessive carcass damage with this ammunition? I ask as I have had two animals where a large amount of the carcass has had to be disposed of. Both heart shot animals.


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    I use this stuff, No problem at all if heart shot why did you have to dispose of the carcass? at worst it would have touched a shoulder and thats all yo should have lost backstraps and leg should be fine

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