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    I was quite surprised to find just how many emails AOL had identified as SPAM, however here we last.

    In my early Forties, just a pup and involved in shooting and the wider outdoors for almost all of those years. Last few years has seen a change in my appetite for shooting and while I will still happily take a driven day for the craic, I cannot seem to get excited about bird shooting anymore. I would far rather sit with my dog at night and hope for a duck or two or even just to enjoy the piece and quiet. About 15 years ago I became interested in Stalking, starting out with a ruger 10/22 and a very nice Tika 595 in .243 A few years later I had the opportunity to stalk for Red and Sika and listening to the advice of those with more experience I went for a larger calibre. I know the .243 is good enough to do the job on both Red and Sika, I have seen it done and done it, however any excuse for another gun. I researched as much as I could although I cannot now remember why I chose the 6.5x55.
    I became interested in reloading shortly after I picked up my .243 and started out with a lee aniversary kit which I think cost me a small fortune at around 65. I loaded hundreds of rounds using the lee equipment and was very happy with it. As I became more interested in reloading and accuracy in particular I started using RCBS equipment although my press is a Lyman that allows me to have all my dies for both calibres set up and ready to go. I cannot think of much more to tell.................... I have level 1 and 2, trained hunter and even fit and competant status, although my long suffering wife would probably dispute the latter. That me I think, looking forward to contributing something to the excellent setup that you guys have on here

    Best wishes

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    Welcome aboard 6.5.
    Look forward to reading your posts, it sounds as though you have done a fair bit.

    Kind regards,


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