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Thread: Fallkniven F1 Knife

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    Fallkniven F1 Knife

    - SOLD -

    Fallkniven F1 Survival Knife.

    Comes complete with original box and black leather full cover belt sheath, 4.5mm blade thickness. The knife has literally been used on only several occasions and is in all but new condition. There are a few sharpening marks near the edge of the blade as I sharpened it once, purely aesthetic though. Decided to really splash out and buy the new Ray Mears knife, hence why I'm selling this one really.

    Have a look at the photo's, I've tried to show the condition.

    £70.00 + £3.50 P&P

    Fllkniven F1 Survival Knife --- Heinnie Haynes - Knives, Pocket Tools and Accessories
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 1.jpg   2.jpg   3.jpg   4.jpg  
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    Jame,s are you a dealer mate because i dont see a trader notice under your name.

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    That's because I am not a dealer...............

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    Hi James I might be interested in this but I cant really tell the condition from the pics. Pic 2 looks as though the edge has been threpenny bitted on the RHS and a deep chamfer added and pics 3&4 look like a deep chamfer has been ground on the LHS..... or it could be a trick of the light!
    As you may know Fallkniven have a convex edge and require a specific technique to sharpen them. Can you advise further.

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    Hi Sanibel. I understand that Fallknivens have a convex edge, so I used some thin neoprene to maintain this when i sharpened it. But like i say i only sharpened it the once so it shouldn't be too different to the Factory ground edge. If you send me a PM with a contact number i can reach you on then we can have a chat about what you need to know?

    Thanks, James

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    Whats the new Ray Mears knife ??

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    Hi james you have a pm cheers m8

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    Sorry mate just looked at your posts and 99% were selling so if your not a dealer then your sure act like one .

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    MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM, zee plot thickens!!!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 6pointer View Post
    Sorry mate just looked at your posts and 99% were selling so if your not a dealer then your sure act like one .
    Oooh. You are quite right. And apparently no introductory posting on joining the forum either.
    KevinF -

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