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Thread: N160 powder charge for 55gr ballistic tip

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    N160 powder charge for 55gr ballistic tip

    I am about to start working on a load for my new mod 700 in .243. I want to try 55 gr ballistic tip which I used once before in my old tika.
    I was reviewing my reloading records and see that I loaded 48gr of n160 for my old rifle. I was double checking my numbers and cannot for the life of me find where I got the figure of 48gr.

    The fact that I fired them and survived is not the sort of validation I was looking for.

    Does anyone have any info on N160 for 55gr ballistic tips.

    I must have got it somewhere. I just cannot find it in my files.


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    I seriously doubt you could cram enough N160 in a 243 case to get you in trouble with a 55gr bullet.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    I had another dig around, but I have lost/tempoarily misplaced a lot of stuff since I moved my gun room. I had at least 3 reloading manuals now down to one !
    I tried a case earlier tonight and 48 grains fairly fill the case No where near a compressed load as the 55gr head is only in by enought to hold it safely. I have poured the powder out until I can verify where I got 48gr from. I don't think i Made it up as i have it written in both logs and the ticket that was on the batch.

    I would be a lot happier if i knew where I got it from

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    My Vihtavouri Guide states 47.7gr of N160 with the Hornady HP 75gr bullet for 3400 FPS velocity.
    It has no mention of any bullets less than 70grains in weight.


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    6.5:- 55gr bt-- in 243-- 4058 fps, 2012 ft lb, but no sign of powder, got this callie

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    I think N160 will be to slow a burner for that you need differnt powder for that 55 grn .243

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    n160 will be better suited to heavier bullets in the 243 range like 68 grain and 75 grain bullets and above.

    if you want to push the 55 grains try varget or reloader 15 or even vit n140

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    I am 53gn of N160 for 130gr sp for my .270,

    My mate uses N135 for his .243 if that helps.
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    Thanks for all the replies.

    I loaded 10 x 55gr rounds using N160 for my Tika a few years ago. No idea now where I got the data from and cannot find the target from that load.

    The reason I wanted to use it again is because I am using N160 for my 6.5.Looks like I will have to swap the 55gr ballistic tips for the 87grHP I usually use or pick up a tub of H414.

    Thanks again

    Thanks especially for the VV reloading data, I couldn't find that when I was surfing

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