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Thread: Roebuck Video

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    Roebuck Video

    Hi All
    Thought I would share this video with you (if I can Get it work).
    If you feel like I do looking out the window at the non stop rain this might cheer you up and remind you of sunny spring mornings.


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    Wayne, it doesnt work!

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    Hi Gary try it again

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    Good little film Wayne, just needs some backing tunes.

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    the only dilemma now is shall i buy a moderator for the .308 or a camcorder!!!

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    At that distance Bucksden I'd save your money and go for a bayonet charge!

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    Fab! What kind of camera were you using? And what distance was the buck. That has cheered me up no end. Thankyou.

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    Hi Duncs
    I use a Sony DCR SRE35 Handycam (266 on Amazon)it has a 40 x zoom so excellent for deer and much better quality than its come out through photo bucket. This little chap walked to within about 10 yards, he keeps looking over his shoulder at his very large brother/uncle/dad who unfortunatley didnt have a safe back ground, but he'll keep


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    Excellent vid. Like the photo gallery as well.

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    Great video Wayne, the zoom on that camera is that some optical and some digital, if it's all optical I'm getting one.


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