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Thread: calling in red deer

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    calling in red deer

    hi has anyone got any tips on calling in red deer.i have just joined a syndicate in the galloway forrest and there are some reds on it i heard them calling the other day but didnt know how to call back.first time stalking reds.

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    It will be a bit dificult as you say you haven't heard this before.

    It's trial and error, don't be shy, try and mimic the stag. Maybe best to do a bit of practise before you go out in anger.
    Don't go too daft either, try and study deer behaviour it's all about bravado, you don't want to scare him but you want to sound enough of a threat that he is going to come and see you off.
    I've called a fair few stags in woodland and it is great fun and bloody exciting shooting, good luck

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    I also do it in woodland mainly for fun,

    watch some clips on youtube or better still listen yourself and get the feel for it.

    I use an old cow horn but an old kitchen roll loder can give a bit more " vibrato".

    Good luck


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    heres a good one ,
    hope to here them myself sounds awsome,wayne

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    There's a European red deer calling championship somewhere on youtube, it was hilarious, like something from the best of eurotrash, but some of the guys were exceptionally lifelike. One guy is using a conch shell!

    Has anyone tried "rattling" in a stag?


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    Tried winding them in plenty of times, goes down great with the neighbours, but you need a fair size of ground

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