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Thread: port and red wine reduction aka gout sauce

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    port and red wine reduction aka gout sauce

    1 leek, finely chopped
    1 shallots, finely chopped
    60g butter
    1 rasher of bacon, chopped
    bottle red wine
    3tbs redcurrant jelly
    400ml game/venison stock
    300ml port

    8. For the sauce, soften the leek, shallots and bacon in 30g of the butter. Next add the wine and redcurrant jelly. Reduce this to a syrup and add the stock, reducing by half again.
    9. Finally, add the port before reducing it for the last time and, once it has reached a good consistency, finish it with the remaining butter. Season it to your taste and then strain it through a sieve.

    this is a rosemary shrager recipe that she had to accompany a venison wellington. I make it in treble quantity and reduce to a thick syrup. I then freeze in ice cubes and defrost and dilute as necessary, if im making a casserole or a pie i will stick a cube or two in. pukka.

    to make the stock i just roast the haunch bones and some neck with some stock veg and then cover with water and boil till you get a decent stock.

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    Nice sauce recipe, can't beat the classic red wine and redcurrant to go with venison. The only addition I might make would be a few juniper berries crushed into the initial mix and boiled for a few minutes, before straining and reducing. Juniper is so good with venison!

    Also, using neck for the stock? I'm afraid here neck is the favourite chunk to bung in a casserole and slow cook for eight to ten hours to make the most fantastic stew!

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