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Thread: .30-06 Zero

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    .30-06 Zero

    help which would be the best distance. to zero my 30.06 using 150g ammo

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    An inch high at at 100yds always serves me well for the lowland stalking i do but you may want to zero at 200 for the hill.

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    For use on the hill, my .308 is set 2" high at 100yds.

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    A 200 yard zero is handy as this equates to around 1.5in high at 100-125 yards , bang on at 200yrds and about 3inch low at 250yrds. A modest 6inch holdover will be needed for a 300yrd shot if needed.

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    Scotspine Sounds about right to me.

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    I guess it depends how fast the bullet is going when it leaves the rifle!

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    Quote Originally Posted by the highlander View Post
    help which would be the best distance. to zero my 30.06 using 150g ammo
    I seem to do much as others have suggested; looking for a 200yd zero with my 30-06 (2nd Zero that is) so with my ammo that works out at just about an inch and a half high at 100yds (the tables actually say 1.4 inches/100yds)
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    As above, depends what sort of ranges you are likely to encounter.

    Personally I zero mine at one inch high at 100 which covers me up to 200 yards.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Dawnraider View Post
    An inch high at at 100yds always serves me well.....
    I would add one comment on this. Having shot centrefire rifles since 1967, I have got very used to the sight picture being 1 inch high at 100yds. I did try to change to shooting a S&B scope zeroed at 100yds and gave this new approach up very quickly. I am now back to 1 inch high at 100yds, which means most rounds are dead on at 160yds.
    Rgds JCS

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    thanks for all your replies lads rgds the highlander

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