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Thread: Why was she staring at me???

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    Why was she staring at me???

    A few days ago, I picked up a head for a friend. My car boot was full, including the back seats and so, having been told to "watch the ears" I strapped the head in. Only when I dropped it off, did I realise what the view from outside the car was!!

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    Don't tell me, you told the driver of the car behind to "Fallow Me"


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    its been ages since i've had good head in the passenger seat!

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    Have you got a sticker on the back window. 'Caution Bambi onboard'?

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    Fallow cautioned by local Police for not wearing a seat belt appropriatly.

    Fallow commits suicide by hanging itself in a car.

    Dama Dama I missed the turning.

    Ok I will stop now.

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    To many things i could say about that one lol

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    You won't need a map or directions to get there just Fallow me!

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