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Thread: .234, N160, 90 gns Ballistic Tip

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    .243, N160, 90 gns Ballistic Tip

    Folks -

    Am researching on behalf of a pal who already owns the following components:

    Federal .243 brass
    Fed large primer
    90 gns Nosler BTs.

    A search for recipies here on SD finds little of use. Viht manual does not list the bullet.

    Benefit of collective experience gratefully received...
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    Presumably you mean .243 and not .234 ?
    My Vihtavouri Guide refers to the 90 grain SP Sako bullet with 45.4 grains of Viht.N160 for a velocity of 3150 FPS.
    Starting 10% down would be advisable.

    My .243 Sako HB Varminter loved 46gr of N160, a Remington 9 1/2 std primer out of RP Brass with the 87gr V.Max bullet.


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    Quote Originally Posted by stag1933 View Post
    Presumably you mean .243 and not .234 ?HWH.
    I do. Finger trouble in title.
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    Short answer: use the nearest available bullet in that weight.
    IE from 2004 Vit manual.
    Start: 31.1gr: velocity: 2605FPS (which does seem rather low weight, I'd start at least at 37.5gr)
    max load: 40.9gr. velocity: 3127FPS

    Long answer
    When I started reloading about 18 months ago I used Vit160 and used the current Vit manual for load development, I did not have a chrony at the time so I had no idea of the velocities.

    I read a post to the effect that the current Vit manual has rather hot loads and the advice was to use the loads in the manual from 2004.
    I also acquired a chrony so I was able to measure the bullet velocity and I found that the velocities using the current manual were, as said, rather hot.
    So I reduced the powder loads and found no loss of accuracy.

    Current load for a 24" barrel
    85Gr Sierra Varminter, Vit160:44gr, CCI200 primer; velocity: 3100FPS.
    Stiff bolt at 47.6gr.

    I did have some 90gr Speer Hotcor and used from memory 41.7gr of Vit160 using the current Vit manual
    Start load: 37.5gr
    Finish load:43.1 at which point I experienced a stiff bolt.

    As I could not get any more Hotcor I had to use other bullets.

    The older Vit manual can be read on the net with a search to extract the data.
    This is the .243 page.

    If you compare that with the current manual you see what I mean.

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    Hope the following is usefull.

    87 V-Max
    Fed L/R primers
    RWS cases 2nd firing

    43.5g =3205
    44.00g = 3233
    44.5g = 3276
    45.00g = 3311
    45.5g = 3321

    Accuraccy was best at .47" with 44.5g

    90g Bergers
    43.5g = 3195
    44.00g = 3210
    44.5g = 3250
    45.0g = 3274

    Chrono average five shot groups.

    Best accuraccy at 44.00g.

    My barrel is new and tight.


    I have the QuickLoad pressures if you need them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jack View Post
    Short answer: use the nearest available bullet in that weight.
    Jack. Thank you for reminding me. I have been reloading for 31 years. i have forgotten more than I have learned.
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