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Thread: .375 H&H Mag

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    .375 H&H Mag

    How many of you guys own a .375 H&H ? I want to put one on my ticket, i will have no problem convincing the FLO i have good reason to have one for hunting abroad as i hunt Africa. Now i want to be able to use it here in the UK reason being i dont want to use a strange rifle once its abroad, i need to be able to practice with it any ideas / tips guys ?

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    I know a guy who uses it over here for deer.. roe, reds and fallow.. How dead does the FLo want a deer to be?! And if they say about safety, well we all know you need the same backstop and safety margins for a .222 as what you would for a .375. I reckon your FLO would let you use it over here..

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    This has come up on here recently. It's police force dependent. Some will put it down for deer or boar in the UK, others won't. If they won't put a UK species against it then you will struggle to get an expanding ammunition condition, they will expect you to buy the expanding ammunition abroad, or have it delivered to the airport.

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    Buying ammo abroad they threw at me once before when i said i wanted solid slugs, managed to get them to see my way in thinking, but they did mention if they were going to let me use it in this country for boar the land needed to be cleared for that caliber, which i found frustrating as i have open ticket for all my rifles.

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    Here's the previous thread in question:

    .375 for deer

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    chapter 13 page 77
    gives you a list of calibres and what they are recommended for (which is out of date)
    it clearly states that a .375 is not suitable for deer and any other large game

    but on page 70 of the same chapter
    it says this
    13.35 Some rifles intended for
    antelope and other Plains Game may also
    be suitable for deer, boar or other quarry
    shooting in this country. Calibres such as
    the .375 (9.5mm) are at the lower end of
    those suitable for shooting "dangerous game"
    but may, once initial "good reason" has been
    established, also be used for shooting the
    larger deer species in Britain. Expanding
    ammunition may also be authorised for an
    applicant whose certificate allows for the rifle
    also to be used for shooting deer in Britain.

    2 different pages saying 2 different things about the same calibre
    so on that with the calibre chart being the one that stands out as more as a definitive answer with the word NO in big letters
    so if your chief of Firearms is against a .375 for use in this country, then you will need to find a piece of ground that has been passed with .375 for deer already to help fight your cause (there are some exceptions)
    Boar is not a good enough reason as yet, thou some counties are recognising it as exceptable
    untill .375 is actually written into the wild boar guidlines as a recommended calibre for use on boar, then you may find it will be a while before every department excepts it
    but what you need to remember is the Firearms licensing departments are still using out of date guidelines to stipulate the law

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    I have one, but I'm in the States. It is my resident Elk rifle.~Muir

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    I have a .375 H and H on my ticket, I'll admit though I am very fortunate to be with Northern Constabulary and I have a very good FLO. I originally asked for it just so I can go to Africa and take a Buffalo with a familiar rifle but he suggested that since all my other rifles where open that he'd just keep it open as well to save paperwork and the fact he's nearly hit a huge stag on the way over to see me. I'm a bit thraun to use it on anything smaller than red stag's and I don't have boar although I have worked up a load with a 235gr semi spitzer which I rekon would be quiet effective. The main thing I found horrifing was the cost of ammo and the recoil when firing off a bipod for initial zeroing (maybe I should get a brake on it) but as for tip's get some land in the north we are a fairly freindly bunch really.


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    Thanks Stone and Snagman.
    Stone, i do alot of stalking in the highlands, i wouldnt want to use a .375 on hinds but certainly wild / feral goats.
    My FLO has already said i have "Good" reason to own one as i hunt africa every year, but i dont want a rifle that can only be used once or twice a year abroad, i need to be familiar with the rifle. Yes the cost of ammo is not cheap so its not a caliber where lots of rounds will be going through it.

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    My FLO in L&B did tell me at my last review that 375H&H will be licenced for use in the UK, but you do need to demonstrate that you have access to land with red deer up in the highlands to use it on.

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