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Thread: What to do?

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    What to do?

    I have a 6.5x55 sako 75 s/s model,and remington .223,but I am also thinking of getting a .243 sako.
    I am thinking this will be a more used rifle (.243),as I could shoot 58g for foxing and 100g on deer and the 6.5 only comes out 1-3 times a year (could not use 6.5 on fox ground).
    I know alot of people who use .243 on deer and swear by it!But the 6.5 does put deer down.

    So what to do swap it in or if funds allow have both?

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    Mark look at your data the 6.5 it is more than the .243 can ever be and will fire bullets from 75 grn to 168 with the .243 if you get the correct twist for a 58 grn there is a real chance that rifle will not stabalise a 100grn round. But if you want a .234 get one. Just make sure you are ready to get rid of a far more flexible rifle.

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    Mark - if you have a .223 don't you use that for fox's? Anyway I have to agree with 6pointer, the 6.5 is excellent over the .243. A friend I stalk with a lot has a 6.5x55 and uses it for everything, Reds down to Fox.
    I have a .243 and use either 100gr SP or 85gr HP ammunition, whatever is available in batches of 100 at the time and again use either for everything, except not the 85gr on Reds.
    However I use a 7mm-08 more than the .243 - the 6.5 is somewhere between the two.

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    Never quite get this argument for the .243 that you can use the light bullets for fox and the heavier ones for deer.

    Why not just use 75gn ish bullets all round. I would have thought it would be a pain in the arse to keep switching round and just asking for trouble?

    My view .223 for foxes and 6.5 for deer or you could always give me the 6.5x55 if you really dont want it1

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    When you say deer, I assume you are excluding those that require a heavier bullet than 75grns.
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    Sorry i was kind of assuming that he stalks in England?

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    Why can't you use the 6.5 on your fox ground ? If you hand load you can get a suitable load .Most police forces will allow it.

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    I know my 6.5x55 is good,but you know how it goes- mate buys a .243 we go out foxing,then I think I need one
    As my 6.5 is a stainless/synthetic also wanted wood/blued rifle, something nice,I will stick with 6.5x55,may look at .243 later when I have spare cash.

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