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Thread: Hair loss after puppies

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    Hair loss after puppies

    Just wondering if anyone else has had a dog's hair thin after pregnancy?

    My spaniel had pups earlier this year and afterwards her hair thinned a fair bit. She was completely happy and healthy in herself, just thinned on the hair front. Some said she may be doing the whole 'dog looks like the owner thing' as I have thinning hair myself!!

    It only lasted a few weeks and she's fine now but it has puzzled me as I've never read anything about this condition.

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    yup my cocker has had 2 litters and each time gets bald patches on her rump, this lasts till the next proper moult then normal service is resumed. I`m in the same boat as you scott wish myine would grow back at the next moult!

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    Yes its a regular thing get her fed back up quick as and make sure her food if protein rich.

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    I HAVEfound this to be perfectly normal , when you think the nourishment etc a bitch needs ands uses carrying, whelping/ and resring a litter it aint surprising,you prob just notice it more some bitches than others Alex

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    Its an hormone imbalance, they get back to normal very soon , with normal care & a few extra nutrients.

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