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Thread: 6.5x55 ammo price

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    6.5x55 ammo price

    hi chaps, quick quiz what are you paying for 140 grain ammo? mate of mine just got told its about 50 a box, is this right?

    cheers matt

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    I haven't bought any factory ammo for my 6.5 since I got it. While in the gun shop the other night the price was 35 for a box of 20.
    Glad I don't have to buy them at that price

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    Norma 120BTs and 156SPs are nocking on to 40 a box around me. Federal and Sako about 25.


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    The 50 quid a box rounds are most likely to be the Norma Partitions and that price sounds about right from the quotes I got.

    Ive just got some RWS 140grns from the Hunters Cabin great service , Steve just posted them down to my local RFD

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    Winchester 140 grain 24 a box, PPU 139 grain 12.50 a box. The other ammo my (new found) RFD stocks is not 140 grain, but for reference Norma Alaska 156 and Nosler BT 120 are both 33 a box.

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