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Thread: Konus bino's

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    Konus bino's

    Hi all

    Has anyone had anything to do with konus bino's from Italy as i have seen some at a good price.
    My 2 1/2yr old just tested the bounce factor on my bushnell's by droping them out the window (1st floor)
    So I am now looking to replace them on a budget of about 75 - 100 quid.

    Also looking for a 300tdi lump as well (wiltshire area) hence the budget (I hate bank holidays)

    cheers joe

    aaaaaaarrrrrrrgggghhhhhh wife / kids

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    Try contents insurance.

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    Nikon DCF sporter 3 x 32: 89 quid knocked down from 199 apparently, not sure how good they are though...

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