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Thread: Forrest Bore Foam

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    Forrest Bore Foam

    Can anyone point me in the direction of a supplier of FORREST BORE FOAM.

    Iv searched the interweb but everyone seem to charge a fortune for delivery........its only a tin of foam for gods sake not an anvil thats being sent via Royal {snail} mail..

    Any ideas or recommendations, i grudge being ripped off for delivery.

    Rant over!!!


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    Not the brand your'e asking about, I know, but ask Griff who he passed his import business of wipeout to?
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    Sportsman used to carry it, I bought some from them as they were the best price at the time. Was a long time ago though, so it might not be current.

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    i have some in stock can find out what the postage would be if your interested

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    Steve, much appreciated..............drop me a PM with price mate.



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