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Thread: Lamping partner

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    Lamping partner


    Anyone on the kent/east sussex border interested pm me.

    ATB Steve

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    Shame your not a bit further North!

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    Shame your not a bit further West

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    Shame your not a alot further South West

    Good luck

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    Hi Lads

    Bet when I tell everyone i have deer and boar on the land i get some interest!!!!

    ATB Steve

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    Ha ha, I reckon Steve, all the best in your search. I am sure someone will take up your offer.

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    Pitty i live so far away steve otherwise i would be there every night with you.

    I have the same trouble a bit difficult lamping on your own isnt it.
    see you in november mate.


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    Hi Steve

    If you can put me up pal youve got yourself a partner..

    On the way upto the SD week i stopped off at my cousins in Barnsley for the night and he loaned me a video..

    A fistfull of Ferrets.. most entertaining and interesting video ive seen in a while and the lads are using a greyhound collie cross i think

    Two old boys from down my way Wiltshire , Lymington area that im hoping to try and contact..

    Well worth trying to see if you can pick a copy up, or ill try and copy this ( its a video )

    Hope to catch up soon pal


    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    Hello Steve,

    I'm up for some lamping, what do you have in mind?

    I have a .17 HMR with all the bits if needed and live in Maidstone.


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    Is opportunity still open?
    Have not a lot of free time, but if you seach for an occacional help, no problem, even I would be happy to go out some times.

    If you are still interested let me know and I'll transfer my data's and some more info about myself.

    kind regards,

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