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Thread: 2 years Report using WT1 75-3 Thermal riflescope.

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    Quote Originally Posted by royr View Post
    Hello Mchughcb,
    That's interesting.

    I don't know which digital recording device these recordings were made on or was it the same for both videos, but having reviewed the video it is evident to me that the contrast and brightness settings were incorrectly set on the Ward unit!
    Having too much contrast has given a glare around the fox image, which is easily removed if the contrast is turned down.
    Knowing how to effectively use any equipment is paramount to achieving the best results.

    If people believe the Pulsar unit would be a better choice for their situation, then buy it.
    I can only give my account, for my situation, and the 293 fox tally results 16/17 are testament to this success using the Ward WT1 75-3 unit.

    Best regards
    Roy, the Ward used a Angel Eye Mini DVR while the Pulsar used its own recording system. As you can appreciate it took me some time to borrow both units to compare as the performance as they were worth a fortune and trying to find a decent fox to film at the same time at the same distance. The contrast and brightness if I recall correctly on the Ward was set by the owner to about 30%. Whilst picture on the XP is better on a like for like magnification the pulsar has several zeros, longer eye relief and the better battery system. I posted the comparison because the comments that 1.6X is not much good for foxes at 250m. In my opinion the 17micron/640 core give superior clarity at 12.8X which is more than adequate for that species at that distance. I have also looked through the older XD75. From memory the ward is much better, but the advances in the Trail have made it leapfrog the Ward in my short viewing. If you are happy with your fox talley results then I wouldn't bother changing.

    Blaser K95 Stutzen - the ultimate deer stalking rifle

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    Hello Mchughcb,
    Point well made and taken.

    Have you heard/noticed this temperature POI/zero problem that many Pulsar Scope users have complained of? Also does latest Trail Scope recalibrate itself causing the screen image to "freeze" for a second or two with that accompanying audible "beep"? Or has that been corrected?

    Because the Thermal technology works on "Seeing " contrasts between background and the target animal body heat, I’d use slightly different settings of contrast/brightness configurations for a specific night so as to get the best view from the Ward WT1 75-3 scope, and this takes but a few seconds. I would never envisage leaving the Contrast/Brightness on one setting for a 12 month period, that would be inefficient and plain daft! I have to get the best from the Ward unit on any given night and after 2 years usage it is now fairly easy to predict what the settings should be, and which of the 6 colour pallets would work best for that particular nights situation.

    2 years on since I purchased the Ward 75-3 scope, I see there is now a Ward 75-6 scope with same higher spec as the Pulsar 17micron/640 core but has higher base magnification of 3.5 mag, I wonder how that scope would stand comparison with the Trail?

    This thermal technology is moving at such a fast pace, I'm informed that a Ward unit with 12micron/640 core is in the pipeline within the next 2 years, can't wait to have a look through that, bet it will be awesome! Just wondering if I could afford it?

    I've had a very successful 2 years with this WT1 75-3 scope and do not feel inclined to make any changes at present, it's an excellent working unit that gets results.
    However, given the future prospects of thermal technology advancements, may eventually see me reaching for my cheque book yet again!

    Best Regards
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    Ward unit with 12 micron/640, where did you hear that ?

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    Excellent review and agree it is a good unit. I have only used one once and was lucky enough to account for a fox and i was very impressed. In your situation must be an essential tool.

    We all look forward to future updates.


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    I’ve had the wt1 75-3 for a year now im in total agreement with you Roy. I’ve used the xp50 and owned the xp38 trail for a week! The ward 50 in my opinion a good unit on par with the xp50...

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    I would love to visit Clive and buy a see/new night vision sight, I live in Kent nearby.
    Unfortunately after 4 calls enquiring about products, with promises of a call back - nothing.

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    Hello Blueroll,
    A 12micron viewing system is in the pipeline but it will initially be very expensive, possibly adding another £3k to £4k to the price of the scope @ £4100; there's now talk of a 10micron system for use by the US Military.

    Hello Soulboy 1957,
    Contacting Clive in the office by phone is patchy at best, he's a busy guy. I prefer to contact him by e-mail:- - and arrange an appointment date that is suitable to both of us. Not sure which area of Kent you reside, but I have permissions on farmland at Faversham if you'd like to meet up and view the WT1 75-3 scope. E-mail me if interested.

    Best Regards
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    Royr thanks for the info. I just wandered if you had got the info from Clive cos I don`t recall him saying anything on the NV forum.

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    Great write up Roy. Iíve had mine for a couple of years and love it. Not the mount unfortunately though! I had a bracket and some high end rails from the USA to accommodate.

    A question for you, as Clive is useless at responding to customers (I have asked 3 times now). How do I update the firmware on the unit. He was hinting previously about 3 months after I purchased (mid 2016) that he would let me know, Iím still trying to get him to respond! The main reason was battery drain when batteries were left in the unit! Also I hoped it would fix the visibility of the cross hairs on black and white and even give me options to preset for different calibre etc?

    any ideas??
    thanks in advance

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    Blaser K95 Stutzen - the ultimate deer stalking rifle

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